As someone who works in the fashion industry and who attends certain events and fashion shows, it’s important to me that my clothes smell and feel as good as they look.

Many detergents help with color but not with texture and actual care of the fabric. Others specialize in fabric-care, but they completely wash out the vivid colors on my garments. Then there are those that care for color but don’t smell too good.

Partnering up with Tide® PODS™ + Downy®, I was able to experience a conditioning detergent that provided me with colorful clothes that feel soft on the skin and that smell clean and fresh. I HATE when my clothes stretch or come out with a cardboard-like texture. You can’t look good if you don’t feel it, and you can’t expect designer clothes – or any quality garment – to last, if you don’t care for it from the get-go. I even use it to wash my pillow covers, sheets and comforter.

With Tide® PODS™ + Downy® I’m no longer scared that I’m going to ruin one of my favorite blouses in the washing machine, and I can also use it with clothes that I can’t wash with fabric softener. Now, not only do I look good; but, I feel great and my clothes do too.

The laundry detergent comes in packets, which helps me save time and maintain consistency in how much I actually use every time I wash. I always place the packets in the machine first and then the clothes, and they dissolve in both hot and cold water.

The packets come with a three-chamber design where chemistries that are not compatible in liquid form, can now go together harmoniously, and they don’t mix until they are in the machine. This is exactly what enables the benefits that weren’t possible before regarding well-protected clothes that smell delicious.

I don’t have children or pets to worry about, but those who do, should store the packets and keep them up, keep them closed and keep them safe in a high place; for example, above the washing machine. I keep my package, closed on a nearby shelf, with my other detergents and far from foods and beverages.

DISCLAIMER: This article was sponsored by Tide® PODS™ + Downy®, however the opinion and recommendation is solely personal.

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