Traveling is quite the hassle, or well; getting ready to travel is.

Let’s be real here: unless you have someone to pack your bags and make sure your get-ups are perfectly picked and in place, we all stress a little. I just did a two-day, 48-hour type of trip to Mexico, and I loved everything, except thinking about what to take, what to not take and how to make sure everything fit! I’m an over packer, so I have to make lists and make sure I’m bringing exactly what I need.

A truly stressful thing is making sure you don’t forget anything, like pijamas or toothbrush *raises hand* guilty. Another is flying with essentials and things that will make the task more pleasant, and learning to properly distribute between a carry-on and a backpack so you don’t have to get up from your seat while on the flight to grab stuff from your carry-on.

Now if you know me you know I care for comfort, but comfort will never fully beat fabulosity and stylishness – at least not in my court. So, when it comes to traveling, I like to do it comfortably – yes – but also in style #doitforthegram. Ok??

A shop named Ankit sells the cutest travel gear, like portable coffee mugs, tumblers, passport holders and more. Here’s a list of some that I love, as well as a print-out check list that you can have for when you travel to and from, for you to check things off and know that it’s all in the bag – at least the essentials are 😉

Must-haves from Ankit:

Reusable tumbler
Passport holder
Luggage tag
Portable charger

Below you can print out travel lists, so you organize what you’re taking on a trip as well as your outfits. Drag it to your desktop, open and print. Then with a pen, cross out what you’ve already packed, or pencil-in what I didn’t add in, but you need to bring.

Happy traveling, doll!

xo – Cata

**Disclaimer** The items listed on travel lists are solely suggestions, and do not necessarily signify everything that can and should be taken on a travel trip. Depending on where you travel, you may need to pack certain things that don’t appear in the list, such as your wallet or swimwear 😉 So double-check. This list is only to help you stay organized. The items listed on behalf of Ankit are due to a branding collaboration between the Ankit and Cata Balzano, Inc. The products were sponsored, however all opinions on this blog are personal.

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