My friend, who’s a publicist wanted, to meet up and ‘chop it up’ on some new projects we have in mind, but she wanted to do it over a casual brunch date, and I thought of Threefold right away – why? – because they have an amazing selection of food on toast, and their avocado toast (my favorite!) is absolutely amazing!

It includes mushrooms, lemon, cilantro on toast and optional is a poached egg – which I highly suggest. The coffee is also delish! They have a large variety, including those with almond and soy milk, served in Pinterest-y mason jars for the perfect flatlay (which FYI, is a picture taken from the top where everything looks – well – flat.)

There are also sweets in cookie jars!

This place isn’t really for pulling out the computer and going full-on work mode. It’s more for casual talk, throwing around ideas and enjoying a cup of coffee with toast 😉

Located on 141 Giralda Avenue in Coral Gables, I highly recommend this location because of its coziness with good food, great coffee and whomever you bring will be impressed for sure.

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