One of the most difficult parts of my day-to-day is eating right and healthy. I’m constantly on the run, and it’s truly such a challenge, plus – I must confess that – I’m highly indisciplined when it comes to feeding myself properly. I always try to find affordable, on-the-go, tasty, healthy meals that I can keep with me for a more balanced nutrition, but I’m a skeptic when it comes to programs, weight-loss means or anything that involves losing weight but that isn’t related to just eating well. Diet pills and diets; I’ve done them all.

Then I found out about Eat Clean LLC, a company that provides you with on-the-go healthy meal options all week long. Depending on the plan you choose, from a variety of options such as vegetarian, paleo, vegan and more, they deliver the food straight to your door, in plastic tupperware, so you can eat well while you move – like me, because I never stop moving.

So, I decided to try a paleo meal plan with them for a week and this is what happened:

I saved so much time

Within preparing meals, driving around trying to find a meal, or thinking about what I’m going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I spend a lot more time than if my meal is just ready and prepared. The food was delivered to my door early in the morning, in coolers, where I would have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner that I could pack up in the cooler and just pop into the microwave for a couple minutes when I was ready to eat it.

I learned how diverse heathy food can be

Never had I ever thought that jerk burger & cauliflower coconut rice or blueberry pancakes and bacon would taste so delicious when made completely clean with fresh ingredients and the seasonings were insane. So savory, you could taste the freshness in the meals, and I learned how to diversify clean eating for my lifestyle.

I lost weight 

I lost 3 lbs in one week. That’s almost impossible for me. Now, to some, that’s not the goal, but to me, losing weight is always amazing. Part of the reason why I have issues losing weight is because I don’t eat five times a day, healthy foods that will keep me full and will feed me the proper nutrients.

My menu for the week


Breakfast – Blueberry pancakes and bacon
Calories: 300

Lunch – Jerk burger with cauliflower coconut rice
Calories: 375

Dinner – Lean angus meatballs and zucchini noodles
Calories: 365


Breakfast – Spinach egg frittata and turkey sausage
Calories: 340

Lunch – Mongolian Chicken with Asian butternut squash
Calories: 350

Dinner – Coconut crust chicken with truffle purple potatoes
Calories: 401


Breakfast – Strawberry protein bread
Calories: 300

Lunch: Loaded roasted pork with yucca
Calories: 340

Dinner: Chicken primavera
Calories: 335


Breakfast: Bacon, egg and protein biscuit
Calories: 340

Lunch: Tropical almond-crusted red snapper
Calories: 350

Dinner: Chimichanga chicken and vegetables
Calories: 375


Breakfast – Waffle, egg and sausage
Calories: 375

Lunch – Grilled flank steak and plantain mash
Calories: 365

Dinner – Southwest baked turkey, squash
Calories: 330

My favorites

Roasted pork and yucca
It came accompanied with green vegetables and pepper on the side

Strawberry protein bread
It came accompanied with turkey sausage and two orange wedges



The information in this post is not derived from a nutritionist nor a nutrition specialist. All statements are solely opinion-based by the author on real life experiences, and are not in any way encouraging or promoting severe weight-loss nor a particular type of body size, weight, shape. Some of the products within the meals may cause allergies, or other health-related issues. Before trying any meal plan or ingesting any form of diet product, food, ingredient we suggest you consult with your doctors and dietitians beforehand. The products mentioned within the post were sponsored by Eat Clean LLC to Cata Balzano, Inc.

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