The end of the year’s holidays and celebrations always leave us tied between wanting to purchase something beautiful yet affordable, and if you add gifts for family and friends to the mix of ‘must-buy’ items, we hope to shop for best quality options for a decent-to-small budget.

I had not been to Sawgrass Mills in a few years, and last week they invited me to go holiday shopping and check out their deals. Though I live in Miami, I’m from Broward so it wasn’t such a dramatic drive for me, and it ended up being far more than totally worth it. The deals are fantastic, and the brands all meet my expectations.

The mall recently opened the Colonnade, a strip packed with high-end designers such as Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and –my favorite – Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few. I took a look at some of my every-day picks in terms of casual-chic brands to buy at, and the deals were UP THE ROOF!

Kate Spade was having a “70 percent off the whole store” sale, so handbags usually worth $250 ended up costing $75 at check-out. So, being a Kate Spade fan, of course I got a bag! I bought a glittery Sunset Eden Messenger shoulder bag that I could wear for both holiday parties and on NYE.

The situation got extra scandalous when I stepped into All Saints (which I became a huge fan of while living in New York City. It has that grungy, Alexander McQueen-ish vibe) and found all their shoes were being sold 2 pairs for $150. Usually one pair of All Saints boots range from $250-$350, and maybe $100 if on sale. I bought two pairs for $75 each. WHAT THE ACTUAL F#@&!!

J.Crew had sales on everything in the store, and I scored a leather grey blazer (that I know I’m gonna wear the S#!T out of) originally priced at $158, and I paid a little under $40.

So from store to store I saw so many great prices on good quality items. The Saks Off Fifth is now selling Birkins – Thank you very much – and Prada at the lowest prices you’ll ever find anywhere else.

I ended up spending a little less than $500 on holiday outfit and a NYE outfit, and I bought gifts for my family. With my expensive taste and will to only buy and wear the best quality of everything, my purchases would have easily cost $1,500-$2,000 anywhere else. Sawgrass Mills is definitely where it’s at – at least for me it will be from now on.

Sawgrass Mills@shopsawgrass– is also extending their holiday hours for those who need to get their shopping-on this weekend, so it’s perfect time to take advantage and go for it!

We have extended Extra Festive Hours! Shop with us from 10am-Midnight TOMORROW December 22nd, and Saturday, December 23rd! See all of our Holiday hours here:

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Kate Spade Sunset Eden Messenger Bag
All Saints Madlyn Suede Boot
All Saints Lorna Suede Ankle Boot
BCBG Jaxon tiered fringe jacket
J.Crew Triple lantern dangle earrings
J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer

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