“Time, travel and fashion gave me the answers I was looking for”

Caterina Balzano – mostly known as Cata Balzano – is a broadcast media major, fashion guru, journalist, entrepreneur and student of life, who holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Florida International University.

She spends much of her time studying all aspects of the fashion and entertainment industry through books and photography. The 25-year-old beauty, of Colombian and Italian descent, has so much more to be admired for than meets the eye.

She began her journalism career by working as a student reporter at the South Florida News Service where she successfully published various articles that were also picked up by the Miami Herald in 2015 – also the year in which she began writing for them and watched as her career took off.

In a span of two years, Cata fully built a self-sustained media brand and she now contributes to the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, Miami New Times,, Indulge Magazine, Nexos Magazine and Press Pass Latino mainly covering fashion, entertainment and community news, though she has also written for beats such as business, entrepreneurship, LGBTQ issues, health and wellness. In the past, she was affiliated with Cox Media Group‘s MundoHispánico as digital Miami correspondent, with local human interest stories. Now she is a weekly guest co-host on ‘A 90 Millas’ a live show on AmericaTevé.

“I didn’t choose journalism. It chose me. It found me while I was lost and soul-searching at 19-years-old. When I finally saw who I am and accepted my authentic self, I found my way to it and through it, and here I am.”

Cata’s work ethic, will to succeed and tact with speaking to mass audiences and for interviewing recognized names in the entertainment industry, quickly earned her a name in the journalism field and a place in Miami’s social scene. Highly experienced with red carpet events and award ceremonies, as well as fashion mega-events that include Miami Swim Week, Miami Fashion Week and yearly award shows and galas, Cata has interviewed recognized names in the Anglo-American and Latin-American entertainment industry such as Paris Hilton, Shakira, Trey Songz, DJ Khaled, J Balvin, Jose Feliciano, Nicky Jam, Manuel Medrano, Maluma, Wilfrido Vargas, Jackie Cruz, Giuliana Rancic, Prince Royce, Juanes, Buddy Valastro and Jamie Foxx- to name a few and fashion industry names including Hernan Zajar, Mara Hoffman, Kate Lanphear, Rene Ruiz and Marie Saint Pierre.

This website is a pure depiction of Cata’s taste & passions, along with an endless roster of work she has accomplished in just two years.

“I’m constantly eager to grow and learn more. You can never be too good or too experienced. In this field, when I cover events, I look around and I’m usually the youngest person in the room, and that’s such a blessing to me, to constantly be surrounded by amazing people who have been doing this for years and who I can learn from, and ask questions to. I like to take that experience that I soak up and transmit it to younger girls who look up to me. Giving forward just works that way, and I love being part of that cycle. Inspiring is my true mission on this earth.”

When she’s not out and about interviewing and working, you can find her blogging, reading news, speaking at seminars, moderating panels and always looking to inspire others with her stories and through her taste and lifestyle.

“I want people to understand that a unique style, should have nothing to do with influence and everything to do with personal choices. I mean, sure, many bloggers and celebrities inspire me, but, through the years, I have managed to create my own style; my own brand and signature taste. I don’t follow trends. I don’t copy people. When you copy, it’s because you have no idea who you are and what you like. These two things are fundamental to know. I do what I want. I dress how I like, and I want to transmit that same mentality to others. In a world where everyone is expected to be ‘the same’ and to follow what is ‘normal,’ it’s important to stand out. Make a statement. Normal is so boring! “

 Caterina first acquired a strong sense of fashion from living in New York City, which is also where she found her passions and purposes. She realized what she truly wanted out of life, and New York taught her how to go out and get it.

 “I’ve always been a goal getter. I put my head into a project, and nobody can take me out of it. I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and I decide when I’m done with it. I don’t believe in half-ass jobs. You either go big or don’t do it at all. I knew I had to go to New York. I didn’t exactly know why, though. I was only 18 years old and also had the choice to move to California. I thought I was destined to be an actress! But I knew I had to be in New York. I knew something major was going to happen in me and to me.”

 Cata extensive list of career goals that through work and focus she has accomplished, all incorporate something in regards to fashion. She inclines towards helping others find their passions and themselves, especially teenage girls. She believes teenagers are the most adrift within those years of self-seeking.

 “Through fashion and style, I believe teenagers could step out of their comfort zone, and come to realize how beautiful they are in their own way. We all have beauty. Society’s standards of perfection and the ‘ideally attractive person,’ are played out. In this world, you need to create your own standard and your own rules. once you know who you are and what you want, you can go out and conquer your dreams and slowly doors start opening. I was once a confused teenager. We all were at one point. I had a brief idea of what I wanted, but I was too busy figuring out who I was and learning how to love myself. Time, travel and fashion gave me the answers I was looking for. I want to help girls find their answers too.”

“El tiempo, viajar y la moda me dieron las respuestas que necesitaba.”

Caterina Balzano es una periodista innata, amante del fashion, emprendedora y especialista en medios audiovisuales, graduada de Florida International University.

Cata pasa gran parte de su tiempo, estudiando todos los aspectos del mundo de la moda y entretenimiento por medio de libros y fotografía. A los 25 años, esta estadounidense, de descendencia colombiana e italiana, tiene muchas cualidades de admirarse. 

Cata comenzó su carrera de periodismo escribiendo para el South Florida News Service, donde exitosamente publicó varios artículos, los cuales también salieron en el Miami Herald en el 2015.

En tan solo dos años, Cata construyó una marca de medios digitales y acutalmente contribuye al Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald y Miami New Times, cubriendo moda, entretenimiento y noticias locales. También ha escrito para MundoHispánico, como parte de Cox Media Group, cubriendo noticias comunitarias y actualmente sale semanalmente como co-presentadora en A 90 Millas de AmericaTevé.

Ella tiene experiencia en eventos de alfombra roja, entregas de premios, y mega- eventos de moda como Miami Swim Week. Cata ha entrevistado a nombres reconocidos en la industria del entretenimiento anglo-estadounidense y latinoamericano como Paris Hilton, Trey Songz, DJ Khaled, J Balvin, Jorge Bernal, Diego Torres, Raúl González, Angélica Vale, DJ Irie, Wyclef Jean, Prince Royce y Natalie La Rose entre otros. También ha entrevistado a varios en la industria de la moda, incluyendo Hernán Zajar, Mara Hoffman, Catalina Álvarez, Kate Lanphear y Marie Saint Pierre .

Cuando no está trabajando y haciendo entrevistas, ella se encuentra escribiendo en su blog – buscando inspirar a otros con sus historias.

Este blog es la representación pura del gusto y las pasiones de Caterina. 

 “Yo quiero que la gente entienda que un estilo único no tiene nada que ver con influencias y todo que ver con gustos y decisiones personales. Claro, yo también me inspiro con muchas bloggers y celebridades, pero con el tiempo, he logrado crear mi propio estilo; mi propia marca, y gustos específicos. No me gusta seguir modas ‘del momento’. Tampoco soy fanática de imitar estilos y pintas. Me parece que cuando las personas imitan, es por que aun no tienen definido quienes son y con qué estilo se sienten realmente cómodas. Esas dos cosas son fundamentales al elegir un outfit o al crear un closet unico. Yo hago lo que quiero. Me visto como quiero y mi objetivo es transmitirle esa misma mentalidad a otras personas. En un mundo robótico, donde todo el mundo busca ser ‘normal’ e igual a los otros, es importante sobresalir y causar impacto al vestirse. Lo normal no es más que aburrido!”

Caterina adquirió un sentido de la moda, a los 18 años, cuando se fue a vivir a Nueva York. Ella dice que en medio de la ciudad caotica, se encontró a si misma, y se dio cuenta de lo que realmente le es importante. Alla logro conocer lo que esencialmente quería hacer de su vida, y Nueva York le dio las fuerzas y le abrió las puertas para salir y lograr sus metas poco a poco. 

 “Siempre he tenido mis objetivos de vida muy claros. Yo soy terca en el sentido que meto la cabeza en un proyecto y nadie me saca de ahi hasta que decida en que momento termino mis trabajos. No me gustan las cosas mal hechas y mediocres. Por eso siempre me demoro mas de lo estimado en todo lo que hago. Siempre digo que hay que hacer las cosas con empeño, o ni vale la pena empezar. Yo sabia que me tenia que ir a Nueva York. No sabia por que. Solo tenía 18 años e inicialmente me iba a vivir a California. Yo pense que estaba destinada a ser actriz! Pero algo me decia que tenia que irme a Nueva York. En el fondo, sentía que algo grande iba a suceder en mi y en mi vida.”

 Caterina tiene una larga lista de metas que quiere lograr durante su vida, las cuales incluyen varios aspectos de la moda. Ella se inclina hacia ayudar a otros a encontrar sus pasiones y a ellos mismos. Especialmente, le atrae ayudar a jovenes y adolescentes. Cata cree que los adolescentes son los mas desubicados durante aquellos años en los que uno se esta descubriendo a si mismo. 

 “Creo que por medio de la moda, los adolescentes pueden lograr salir de su “zona de comfort”. Poco a poco uno logra dejar a un lado la timidez, y se da cuenta de lo lindos que somos como humanos y como personas individuales. Todos tenemos belleza interna y externa. Los estandares de lo que es ‘perfecto’ y ‘attractivo’ de acuerdo a lo que piensa nuestra sociedad, son completamente ridiculos. Uno crea sus propios estandares y sus propias reglas de belleza. Yo tambien fuí una adolescente confundida. Todos los adultos lo fuimos en algun momento. En esa epoca de crecimiento, yo tenia una idea breve de lo que me gustaba y lo que queria, pero estaba demasiado ocupada tratando de descubrirme a mi misma y aprendendiendo a quererme tal y como soy. El tiempo, viajar, y la moda me dieron las respuestas que necesitaba. Y ahora, quiero ayudar otras personas a encontrar las suyas.”