Runway Reviews from Miami Fashion Week 2016

Miami Fashion Week returns for what many are calling ‘the rebirth’ of the event in the Magic City. With a new focus and image, the shows run through Sunday, June 5. Here are our reviews of what we saw on the runway.

Date: Sunday, June 5
Label: Rene Ruiz
Inspiration: A ball in the fall
Style Index: 5 (out of 5)
The final show of Miami Fashion Week 2016, Ruiz presented pieces from his fall 2016 collection and his holiday collection; all were formal dresses and gowns. Ruiz was the only Miami-based designer during this year’s Fashion Week, and his collection was effortlessly elegant. There were various dress styles – from cocktail dresses to very formal ball gowns. The display began with the garments made in heavy satin fabrics in a mix of blues and fuchsias, then the mix was between greens and greys, following with the metallics – silvers, golds and rose golds – to then make a transition into pieces in warm tones such as plums and pinks. The dresses gradually got more elegant, and with that same class came the more neutral colors, such as nudes, blacks and champagnes with heavily embroidered fabrics, lace and subtle feathered textures.

Date: Sunday, June 5
Label: Andres Sarda
Inspiration: A walk on the wild side
Style Index: 4 (out of 5)
Andres Sarda’s collection transported the audience to someplace in an African jungle, where the wild roam freely. The models walked out strutting pieces in leopard print, nude satin garters and faux leather sleeves throughout the show, giving the impression that they were animals on the catwalk. Snakes, feathery birds, felines and even ants were represented in the costume-style outfits that were meant to display and sell the very simple, yet sensual, lingerie with which they were complemented.

Date: Saturday, June 4
Label: Ana Maria Guiulfo
Inspiration: Hawaiian vibes in floral prints.
Style Index: 3 (out of 5)
The best part of this show were the shoes. Ana Maria Guiulfo chose silver platform-style oxfords and the classic flip-flop – which is heavily trending at the moment – in silver or with a glittery black strap. The collection was simple: mostly round-neck sleeveless dresses in various lengths. Sometimes the fabric carried a Hawaiian-style floral, and other times it was plain beige, white or silver.

Date: Saturday, June 4
Label: Yirko Sivirich
Inspiration: Traveling while fashionably dapper
Style Index: 5 (out of 5)
Sivirich’s collection is clean cut, preppy and very trendy, with wearable men’s suits and matching bomber jacket and sweatpants. The designer stayed within the naval colors with blues, whites and some mint green, making a collection heavy in button-downs, collared shirts and dresses with simplicity but also a lot of charisma. Most of the collection was for men. There were only a couple women’s pieces. The models walked the walk with travel gear: handbags, suitcases and totes, and they all had a pair of Stan Smiths or Adidas Superstars, giving the looks a more casual feel.

Date: Saturday, June 4
Label: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Inspiration: Rainbows, hearts, stars and stripes.
Style Index: 5 (out of 5)
Girls just wanna have fun and they did just that at the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada show. A colorful runway was filled with eye-shaped bikini tops, heart-shaped one pieces combined with rainbow prints and – get ready for it – a puppy. The designer, who is originally from Spain, has a way of putting together her pieces only to cause impact. Every single garment does that: it surprises. Color is always trending in Miami, and that is why Agatha’s collections will always fit right in.

Date: Friday, June 3
Label: Claudia Bertolero
Inspiration: City-girl in the countryside
Style Index: 4 (out of 5)
Claudia Bertolero understands the way to play with accessories to give an outfit an extra push for a style risk. The Peruvian designer’s collection made it first on the runway, opening the evening with a series of old-fashioned looks made in polka-dotted dresses, mid length circle skirts and stripes. There were a couple floral pieces too. The dominant colors were among the orange and red hues, with some touches of teal and only a small number of pieces were purple, black or white. What fully completed every outfit was the big matching bow headband on all the models. If you buy the look, buy it bow and all.

Date: Friday, June 3
Label: Aguaclara
Inspiration: Tribal-prints and florals
Style Index: 3 (out of 5)
With a collection of mostly swimwear, Aguaclara walked the runway in a notable use of tribal patterns, some florals and mesh. The collection also included some – but very little – cover-ups and other garments that you can wear someplace else other than the beach. This collection would be better represented during Swim Week, which is why we gave it a 3, out of 5. Though the vibrant colors and fabrics are beautiful, the outfits are more for a day at the beach than any type of fashion event in the city.

Date: Friday, June 3
Label: Alvarno
Inspiration: Outer Space and Star Wars
Style Index: 5 (out of 5)
Alvarno is exactly what Miami’s fashion scene needs. It has the edginess of New York fashion and streetwear, presented in outfits that are wearable at any time of the day, in cities of warmer climates, such as Miami. With the notable use of pieces cut in straight lines, geometric shapes, skirts that seem to change color when in motion and glittery images of Darth Vader printed on the front of many of the pieces, the collection looks a little surreal. Surreal is good. What stood out most were the boot-style sandal. Every outfit was combined with nude or black sandals with a mesh cup hovering over the front of the leg, rising below the knee. Does that sound a little extragalactic and futuristically fashionable? You bet!

Date: Friday, June 3
Label: Custo Barcelona
Front Row: Prince Royce
Inspiration: Vibrant colors interlaced in geometric patterns
Style Index: 5 (out of 5)
Custo has been the only one so far with menswear on the runway. Props for that, because men, too, need to have a fashion sense in Miami. The collection was the most awaited of the evening, and truthfully you already kind-of know how it might go: lots of colors, various interlaced patterns, crocheted tops or pants and neons. So, if you know it and you like it, then you’ll always love Custo on the runway, but if it’s not your style, then you won’t really care for it. Last night’s pieces were flawlessly put together with unmatched shoes that stood out because of the difference in color of the garments they were worn with. That’s just what Custo does; perfectly combines clashing colors and tones, turning things into a fully harmonious outfit all-together. The vibrance in the colors and short dresses providing little coverage, are perfectly fit for Miami weather.

Date: Thursday, June 2
Label: Fisico
Front Row: Antonio Banderas
Inspiration: 1970s Morocco
Style Index: 4 (out of 5)
Italian Designer Cristina Ferrari opened this year’s Miami Fashion Week with a resort wear collection of what was clearly a hippie Middle Eastern style with bell bottoms, off-the-shoulder tops, flowing dresses, one-pieces, rompers and lots of fringe on the accessories and the garments. The color-story of the show began with cooler blues, indigos and greener tones, later transitioning into a warmer palette of pieces in coral, red and gold – lots of it. Some tide-eye prints also made an appearance, however, the accessories – which were also gold – gold cuffs, choker-style necklaces and clutches were accompanied by turbans in various colors and prints, taking 1970s ‘boho’ Moroccan vibes to a whole new level.

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