The 5 most affordable ways to get around South Beach

Parking and transportation in Miami Beach can be a mission, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, alone you’ll spend $35-$40 just on parking your car and moving around.

It’s always crowded, so street-parking is a full-time job and only if the holy spirit is on your side that day will you find any spots before searching for 30 minutes – especially on the weekend.

So here are various solutions that will help anyone save money when in South Beach:

20141209_103211_0Around the Lincoln and Alton Road area: Park at the Lincoln Road Mall garage.
Location: On Seventeenth Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Euclid Avenue.
Parking costs $1 per-hour for the first six hours, and it is right beside the Lincoln Road shops, Alton Road and across the street from the Miami Beach Convention Center.

streetviewAround the shops at Washington and Collins: Park at the 7th Street Garage.
Location: On Seventh street between Washington and Collins avenues.
Parking costs $1 per hour, 15 hours cost $15, 24 hours cost $20 and weekends from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. it’s $15. It’s extremely close to the shops on both avenues where all brands are located such as Diesel, Sephora, Mac and Steve madden within others.

fff507f50cd14ef6b515ad4daddeeddbAround Collins Avenue, Ocean Drive and the beach: Park at the Thirteenth Street garage.
Location: Thirteenth Street Between Collins and Ocean Drive
Parking costs $1 per hour, 15 hours cost $15, 24 hours cost $20 and weekends from 8 p.m. to 5 p.m. it’s $15. Right beside Ocean Drive, it’s the perfect place to park for those looking to dine or have lunch at a restaurant on the ‘South Beach Strip,’ or for those looking to hit the beach.


It’s like Uber, but completely free. You download the app, you set your location, and a driver in the limousine of golf carts picks you up and takes you anywhere on the beach FREE of charge, while playing your favorite music. Tipping is optional. 


Many know Uber, but they don’t know it’s competition, Lyft.
It is the same concept: download the app, register your information, set your location when you are ready to be picked up, and minutes later a driver is at your service. On South Beach, it can get hard to even find an available Uber sometimes, so in that case, you can use Lyft instead. 

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